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Why You Should Look at Condos for Sale in Snohomish

February 18, 2017  

condos for sale in SnohomishWhy do some people prefer owning a condominium rather than a house? It all depends upon what you are looking for in a home. Living in a condo is somewhat like apartment living. It is connected to other condos so there are shared walls and/or ceilings and floors. Amenities like swimming pools and exercise areas are also shared. While there are typically many houses available in the real estate market, there are also numerous condos for sale in Snohomish from which to choose.

Condos are a big draw because:

  • There is no outside maintenance required. You are not responsible for maintaining the road or roof, cutting the grass, trimming hedges and other landscaping duties that last most of the year. All of these types of physical labor are covered in your condo association dues that you pay each month.
  • The cost of a condo is usually less than that of a house and includes many extras not included with a house purchase, like security, swimming pool, an exercise facility, etc.
  • The proximity to neighbors increases the sense of community. There are frequently activities that encourage participation of condo owners.

Take a tour of some of the excellent choices for quality condos for sale in Snohomish with Lacey Lingenfelter from New House Match as your guide. Condo size and location vary and have just as many options as leading homes for sale in the area. Call me at (425)268-0347 to schedule an appointment to discuss your specific requirements for condo living. I will be happy to work with you to find and secure the condo of your dreams.