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Why Lake Stevens Craftsman Homes For Sale Are So Popular

November 22, 2016  

Making any kind of real estate investment or decision is a big deal, and isn’t a decision that should be made in haste. It’s important to consider what you are looking for in a home or property before entering into any kind of agreement with a seller. For example, single-family homes, condos, and even craftsman homes are all very different from one another, but provide a lot of value. Read on to learn more about why Lake Stevens craftsman homes for sale are so popular.

  • Open floor plans. More and more buyers today are looking for properties with open floor plans. This allows for more creative and versatile usage of space. Even through the years, long after the first craftsman home was built, open floor plans remain a popular choice.
  • The use and construction of natural materials. Craftsman homes are known for their natural materials and imagery in its art and decor. Even today, as our “green” society begins to return to the environment of using natural materials, this puts craftsman homes back at the top of the list for the most desired homes and properties.
  • Strong, solid construction. Craftsman home are known to be built strong with a solid foundation, which can ensure that this style home will be long-standing for many years to come. Craftsman homes tend to be constructed using strong posts and beams, which provide an appearance of strength as well as the overall physical strength of the structure.
  • Beautiful architectural details. The Craftsman era emphasized a great deal of art, decor, and detail into these types of homes.For example, many craftsman homes were constructed and designed with strong pillars of tapered wood and broad stone, stucco or or brick, making them an attractive and appealing home with a traditional look and feel.
  • Lots of windows. One of the most beneficial features is that craftsman homes are constructed with many windows to allow the filtering of natural light. This can help decrease the needs for artificial lights and even reduce heating costs.

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