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What You Need in the Best Real Estate Agent in Mill Creek

August 7, 2017  

What You Need in the Best Real Estate Agent in Mill Creek

Whether you are buying a home or selling your current one, it is important to go about the process in the appropriate way to ensure that you save money and time. One way to accomplish this is by hiring the best real estate agent in Mill Creek to help you navigate the sometimes confusing process of home buying and selling. The most successful brokers are experienced in all areas of the real estate business.

Home sellers simply want their home to sell quickly. Those looking to buy a house want not only a house for the least amount of money but also one that meets all their criteria for the “perfect” home.

A qualified real estate agent must exhibit the following traits:

  • Excellent communication skills that are evident in all exchanges.
  • Honest and truthful business practices in every part of home buying and selling activities.
  • Widespread knowledge of buying and selling homes and other types of properties.
  • Quick to respond to your needs in a timely manner.
  • Acquainted with your local real estate market.
  • Exhibit flawless negotiation skills.
  • Able to take advantage of the most current technological advances.

Obtain recommendations from friends for agents with whom they have recently worked. In addition, browse agencies online, observe home sale signs in the neighborhood to note who has more listings and how long each has been on the market.

Contact Lacey Lingenfelter at New House Match by calling (425)268-0347. Be assured that you will be talking to the best real estate agent in Mill Creek.