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What to Think About Before Buying Acreage for Sale in Marysville

March 5, 2019  

What to Think About Before Buying Acreage for Sale in MarysvilleSometimes, it doesn’t feel right to purchase someone else’s home. If you want to “start fresh,” you can buy a vacant lot and build a brand-new house to your specifications. Finding just the right acreage for sale in Marysville, in the neighborhood that you want, can be both exciting and fun for everyone.

Before you decide on the property that seems to be perfect for your needs, you should evaluate certain conditions regarding the land itself and the surrounding area. These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Trust your senses. Are there unusual scents and sounds nearby? Sewage or farm odors, exhaust fumes, train whistles, plane engines, and sirens are not only unpleasant but can devalue the property.
  • What are the zoning laws? Before you sign a contract be sure, you will be able to build what you want.
  • Consider elevation and whether it may become a problem.
  • Look into potential hazards like fire protection, soil issues, and protected habitats.
  • Are services available from the city or will you need to provide your own? This covers water, electrical, sewer and communication services.
  • Evaluate easements. Have your boundaries mapped out and determine who is responsible for road maintenance. Getting a land survey will help.
  • Acquiring an appraisal will ensure that your offer on the property is suitable for the area.

There is no need to navigate this process by yourself. Talk with an experienced realtor at New House Match at (425) 268-0347 about your options for available acreage for sale in Marysville and make an appointment to look at properties in the locations you are considering. Let us help you find the property of your dreams without overextending your budget!