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View Craftsman Homes for Sale in Lake Stevens

June 20, 2018  


Homes for Sale in Lake Stevens

Why are craftsman homes for sale in Lake Stevens so popular? They are uniquely designed, have well-crafted wooden fixtures and floor plans for all needs. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, craftsman homes were used by the working class. Today, they are recognized as works of art, as their roots are in the Arts and Crafts Movement of the period. There are 4 primary styles of craftsman homes:

  1. The bungalow craftsman home is the original. They are humble in size and offer open front porches with tapered columns that are ideal for entertaining, low-pitched roofs, decorative glass, double-hung windows with sashes of many panes of glass.
  2. Prairie craftsman homes were popularized by Frank Lloyd Wright. These structures hug the ground and look like they are part of the landscape. Open floor plans and modern lines that are strictly horizontal ensured that this design remained prevalent after World War II. Natural wood and stone, wide covered porches and many windows and doors make a great transition to the yard.
  3. Mission Revival craftsman homes contain elements of the Southwest. The low-profile structures are often made of stucco and have Spanish arches. Paver tiles and roofs are terracotta. Open interiors with central courtyards and sweeping verandas offer a Mediterranean feel with a desert style.
  4. Four Square craftsman homes are built for larger families. An added second floor adds 4 rooms to the 4 on the first floor. These homes have fewer details than the other styles but also have a smaller footprint than the Prairie version. The boxy shape allows for a multitude of design options.

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