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The Fine Points of Buying or Selling Real Estate in Snohomish

April 5, 2017  

real estate in SnohomishNo matter if you are looking to buy a home or sell your current one, the goal is the same. You want to secure the best possible deal in either situation. A successful transaction regarding the purchase or sale of real estate in Snohomish involves some advance preparation, maintaining your composure and determining the fine line between accepting a deal or walking away.

Financing is a key component in negotiating a real estate arrangement. As a seller, you must know what type of financing is acceptable for your situation. A buyer should check his credit history in advance and get pre-qualified before shopping for a home to speed up the purchasing process when you do find the perfect property.

The down payment is important for both buyers and sellers. A buyer should expect to pay at least 20% down but paying even more of a down payment is better for two distinct reasons. The first, this gives you more power during the transaction to obtain a better price. Cash talks. Secondly, it saves you money over the term of the loan. Sellers must have an idea of an acceptable down payment and be open to negotiate to some degree.

Buying or selling real estate in Snohomish can be an overwhelming procedure that can raise numerous questions and legal issues. Acquire the assistance and valuable guidance from a seasoned professional by calling New House Match at (425)268-0347. Lacey Lingenfelter has the knowledge and expertise you need for a successful home selling or buying experience.