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Questions to Ask When You View Homes for Sale in Marysville

January 20, 2018  

view homes for sale in Marysville

When you view homes for sale in Marysville, it can sometimes be overwhelming. There are so many considerations, pluses and minuses in every house that you see. How can you possibly choose? While it strictly a very personal decision, there are some guidelines that you can follow to help you in your decision-making process. They just might keep you from making the wrong choice!

  1. Are the windows in good condition? Replacing windows is very expensive, costing up to about $15k.
  2. Do you notice any evidence of pests like ants or other insects, roaches or mice? Be sure to look in corners, cabinets and drawers. Is a termite bond required?
  3. What about trees? Do they appear to be healthy? Are some too close to the house? Will there be a lot of leaves to rake in autumn?
  4. Are there sidewalks, safe areas for children to play and ride bicycles or for you to walk or run? Is there extensive vehicle traffic in the neighborhood?
  5. Will the house need serious updating immediately or just cosmetics?
  6. Does the house smell funny? Odors of mold, mildew, rot, cigarettes and pet stains are red flags.
  7. What about drainage? Water should slope away from the home.
  8. What about the neighbors? Do they seem approachable or scary?
  9. Are vehicles in the driveways well-kept or are there dilapidated vehicles parked in the yards?
  10. What are likely utility costs?

Asking yourself these few questions and any others you may have can save you headaches and money. Ask your realtor for advice when you view homes for sale in Marysville. Lacey at New House Match is ready to work with you. Call today at (425)268-0347.