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Potential Issues with New Homes for Sale in Marysville

November 15, 2017  

new homes for sale in Marysville

Most people, if faced with a choice, will select a new home at least once at some point in their lives. There is definite appeal in choosing the perfect lot, paint colors, landscaping, appliances and flooring. Virtually everything is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty and the sense of “newness” is enticing. However, when looking for new homes for sale in Marysville, it is important to be aware of some common issues that can occur with new houses.

Since no one is perfect and homes are built by humans, mistakes do and will happen. There may be light switches and outlets that may not work, adjustments may need to be made to the heating and air conditioning system, a leak may appear in the roof, ground settling may be evident and numerous other problems may manifest themselves. Reputable builders are aware that flaws will be detected, and they are prepared to handle them quickly until all are resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

Paying particular attention to drainage outside the home is necessary prior to purchase, as this is an area where problems tend to arise. Observing the property during a heavy rain will indicate which way water flows and if there is a certain section where the water pools, having the potential to cause damage. In addition, include in your purchase agreement a clause about drainage and flow to stem any future drainage issues with your builder.

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