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How to Find the Top Real Estate Agent in Marysville

June 30, 2017  

Top Real Estate Agent in Marysville

For both selling your home and buying a new one, you need the top real estate agent in Marysville to facilitate the transaction and handle all the paperwork. How do you know whom to choose? While it may be tempting to utilize a friend or relative in the business, there are some questions you should ask the broker to ensure that you will be a good fit for working together during the process.

  • Ask how long the agent has been in the real estate business. Consider not only the length of time but if the individual is a full-time or part-time broker.
  • Inquire about the agent’s range for both geography and kinds of properties in which she specializes. Look over the broker’s brand and how it is portrayed online. All real estate agents have areas of expertise. See if they match your circumstances.
  • Since communication is crucial for any type of real estate situation, determine which agent will contact you quickly and in the manner you prefer.
  • Ask if you may contact some of the references the agent has accumulated and talk with them about their buying/selling experience with the broker. Also, if the agent gets a significant portion of his work from referrals or repeat business, that is a great indication of success.
  • When selling property, commission is often directly paid to the agent. Ask about the agent’s commission and associated costs with selling a home.

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