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How to Find Short-Sale Homes for Sale in Bothell

November 6, 2018  

How to Find Short-Sale Homes for Sale in BothellIt is sometimes challenging to find listings for short-sale homes. Sometimes a listing in the MLS obviously denotes a home as a short-sale but sometimes this is not the case. These types of listings can vary by location, so a short-sale home may not be identified as such. It is becoming more common to make the listing clearer, but it is still not universal. You can determine the MLS short-sale homes for sale in Bothell before talking with your real estate agent by looking for clues in the listing.

MLS feeds and websites usually list the short-sale homes in the area by real estate brokers. This method of advertising does not help the lender since bidding is usually lower for these properties, which is why it is often difficult to find them. Look for listing terms like contingent, default, bank pre-approval, pre-foreclosure, auction, or subject to approval by the bank, and allow extra time for the bank to respond, as these are common indicators of short-sale properties.

While there are often many short-sale bargains available, you will not always be able to buy the property for less than market value. It can also take extra time to close the deal since you are working with the bank. Hire an agent experienced with short-sales to give you an advantage, as he or she will ensure that you get a reasonably-priced property. In addition, they know more about legalities involved in this unique real estate process and can offer welcome guidance.

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