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How to Assess Acreage for Sale in Lynnwood

March 11, 2018  

Acreage for Sale in Lynnwood

Whether you are buying land to build a home or business or have some other purpose in mind, there are some factors to look for prior to signing a contract. Before you make an expensive commitment to purchase acreage for sale in Lynnwood, consider these situations:

  • What are the zoning ordinances for this piece of property? Will it be permissible to build the structure(s) you want? What about zoning for the areas nearby?
  • What natural hazards are in the vicinity? Look at the natural hazard disclosure to check for soil issues or if the land is a protected habitat.
  • Be aware of natural smells and sounds in the area. Farmland utilized by livestock can carry a pungent aroma when the wind blows your way. Animal noises can occur at any time of day (or night).
  • Is the land stable? Is flooding a possibility?
  • Obtaining a land survey can let you know about easements, boundaries, road maintenance and other concerns about the property.
  • Find out about water access and if you will need to dig a well. How difficult will it be to connect electricity, cable and telephone services? Will you need to put in a septic tank?
  • Have the land appraised to ensure that you will not be paying too much for the property. It is sometimes hard to find comparables for price purposes.

To help you navigate the process of finding and securing acreage for sale in Lynnwood, contact a professional realtor. Lacey at New House Match can offer guidance in this unique aspect of real estate. Call (425)268-0347 to set up a personal consultation to discuss your options for purchasing land.