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Follow Protocol when You View Homes for Sale in Lynnwood

May 24, 2018  

Homes for Sale in Lynnwood

While it is not necessary to have your own real estate agent when buying a home and when you view homes for sale in Lynnwood, it can really help you navigate the process. A professional has the necessary experience and knowledge of the local area to aid you in finding a house that meets your needs and is within your price range.

To have a good working relationship with your realtor, it is important to follow some simple protocols to make the process flow more smoothly. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Most agents work on commission, and their income depends on closing sales. As a result, your realtor is highly motivated.
  • Respect your real estate agent’s time.
  • Allow your buying agent to deal with listing agents. Do not tackle this yourself.
  • Observe proper procedure when attending open houses. Make sure the listing agent knows you are working with a realtor.
  • Complete a broker agreement with your realtor. This document outlines what you can expect from your real estate agent.
  • Sign an agency disclosure that states that you are represented by your real estate agent.
  • Be straightforward about what you expect from your agent regarding transportation to and from showings, method and timing of communication and the timeframe you have to find a home.
  • Only sign documents that you completely understand and agree to.
  • Engage a real estate agent only if you are prepared to buy a home. Arrange care for your children when looking at homes so that you can give all your attention to the showing.

For a reliable and honest real estate agent who can accompany you to view homes for sale in Lynnwood, call New House Match at (425) 268-0347.