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Explore the Possibilities with Condos for Sale in Lake Stevens

September 1, 2017  

condos for sale in Lake Stevens

Condominium living has definite advantages for the right buyer. When considering the purchase of your own home, don’t overlook condos, in addition to single family housing. There are many condos for sale in Lake Stevens that offer convenient locations, living space of all sizes and a variety of pricing options.

It is important to note that your mortgage is not the only expense that you will be responsible for each month. In your budget, be sure to include costs for insurance and owner/association dues. Your condo fees generally cover charges for upkeep of the property (lawn and hardscape maintenance), issues with the parking area and insurance for the condominium complex itself. An itemized listing of fees should be included in the bylaws, which you should read carefully. Your own homeowner’s insurance will cover theft and damage to your unit.

Living in a condo provides numerous opportunities for socialization with other residents, so explore the type of facility you will be buying into. There are condos that feature young married couples, families, retirees and those who accept all kinds of owners. Acquainting yourself with potential neighbors can give valuable insight into what life is like at the complex.

It is in your best interest to participate in homeowner meetings to make your voice heard about issues that may arise.

Condos can be great places to own and live but you should investigate all aspects of this purchase prior to signing your contract. This will help to ensure that you and your neighbors can co-exist happily and productively.

To view some condos for sale in Lake Stevens or nearby areas, contact New House Match at (425)268-0347.