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Craftsman Homes for Sale in Bothell & More

December 13, 2017  

craftsman homes for sale in Bothell

If you plan on buying a home in the near future, one of the decisions that faces you is the type of house you want. There are many different styles available today, and each has a specific look and atmosphere that you should take into consideration. Here is a list of 10 of the more popular models, including craftsman homes for sale in Bothell:

  • Country style homes are an updated version of the colonial. They typically have wide porches and dormers.
  • Craftsman homes exhibit decorative details and a fa├žade of wood and stone.
  • European homes emphasize features prevalent in Europe, like plaster walls and marble.
  • Traditional houses accentuate historically correct details and resemble country homes.
  • Ranch houses are single-story and can range from small to large.
  • Farmhouse homes are rectangular and have one or more additions and large porches.
  • Bungalow or cottage style homes are smaller with 1920s details.
  • Modern homes have flat or sloped roofs and take advantage of high-end materials inside and out.
  • Southern style homes are designed to utilize breezes to cool the interior and exterior areas and columns are often at the entrance.
  • Mediterranean houses are reminders of those from Italy, France and southern Spain with outdoor spaces an extension of the interior. They have low-sloped roofs or are flat and may have tiling.

Look online or browse neighborhoods nearby to look at the home styles that appeal to you and help you narrow your search for design. Then you are ready to talk with an experienced realtor at New House Match at (425)268-0347. Lacey will be happy to show you any of the above houses, including craftsman homes for sale in Bothell.