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Connect With an Experienced Agent to View Homes for Sale in Bothell

May 13, 2017  

View Homes for Sale in Bothell

While you can independently view homes for sale in Bothell, having a knowledgeable real estate agent to guide you through the process can save you a great deal of time and can even save you money. Real estate professionals have access to properties of which you may not be aware and resources to narrow your house search.

Recommendations from friends who have bought or sold a home are great sources for reliable realtors. However, what if you do not know anyone that fits that category? Locating an agent is easy but deciding upon which one to utilize takes some consideration. Ask a potential candidate these 5 questions to see if you will be a good fit:

  1. How much experience do you have in the real estate market? How long have you been in this business? Someone who is a full-time agent rather than just part-time is typically preferred.
  2. Do you handle specific types of properties? What geographic locations do you normally cover? Learn about an agent’s “brand” by viewing their website and advertising materials.
  3. In real estate transactions, communication is paramount. A quick response time on your preferred method of communication (phone, text, fax, email) can often make or break a sale. Will I be speaking and working directly with you or another agent in your office?
  4. May see some of your references? What percentage of your sales are from repeat business or referrals?
  5. What is your commission fee? Is it negotiable?

Call New House Match at (425)268-0347 to speak with one of our agents about real estate. I will gladly answer your questions and take you to view homes for sale in Bothell.