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Choose an Appropriate Real Estate Listing Agent in Bothell

July 28, 2017  

real estate listing agent in Bothell

When deciding to sell your home there are several things that must be taken into consideration. One of the most crucial factors is selecting the best real estate listing agent in Bothell. Hiring someone who promises that their commission is the lowest possible as well as gaining the highest price for your house is not necessarily the most suited for the job.

A competent listing agent cannot assure you how much your home can net for you. She can inform you of comparable sales in your area, pending sales and active sales. Based on that information, you actually make the list price for your house. The agent will let you know if the price is adequate.

Every real estate agent has his own unique way of marketing properties and advertising them. Since the agent makes more money by selling your home for more, it is excellent incentive for her to work hard to make the sale. An agent’s commission is fairly standard within a specific geographical area but can be higher or lower depending upon location, whether you are also looking to buy another home and other issues.

When deciding between agents, request a list of properties that each has sold and the original asking price compared to the selling price. Referrals from friends can also help you make a decision. Your agent should utilize a combination of strategies to sell your home, including: professional signage, recommendations for staging, multiple website listings, advertising in a variety ways and striking photos, among many others.

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