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Choose a Real Estate Broker in Lynnwood Rather Than FSBO

August 23, 2017  

real estate broker in Lynnwood

If you are looking to sell your home, it may seem that rather than hiring an experienced real estate broker in Lynnwood, that a great way to save money is to list the house yourself – also known as “for sale by owner.” Certainly, you can save some cash this way but there are more disadvantages than benefits:

  1. Other brokers may be reluctant to market your property to their buyers, as there may be difficulties associated with not using a professional. Many real estate agents view FSBO sellers as difficult to deal with, having unrealistic expectations and expect unreasonable outcomes.
  2. It can be a challenge to not become emotionally involved in the sale of your home. An agent is an objective 3rd party who can offer impartial information to potential buyers.
  3. For most agents, real estate is their full-time occupation and they can devote all of their time to selling homes like yours. If you list your property, you must be available in some way at all times to take calls, answer emails and to show your home.
  4. While you will be able to list your property in many of the same outlets as a broker, an expert in the real estate field has a more extensive network to market your home and can typically sell it much more quickly than you will be able to do.
  5. A real estate agent can winnow out “lookers” from “buyers,” saving you time for parties that are qualified to purchase the house.
  6. Negotiating a home sale requires finesse, patience, familiarity with current market conditions, local quirks applicable to the sale and overall experience in the industry. Real estate agents have these qualities and most FSBO sellers do not.
  7. When selling your home yourself, it is not always easy to see what is wrong with it. An agent can.
  8. FSBO properties are at a higher risk of a lawsuit in the event of incorrectly completed paperwork.

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