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How to Look for Mold When You Buy a Home in Seattle

July 23, 2018  

Buy a Home in Seattle

Looking for a home to buy is an exciting, albeit exhausting, process. There are so many considerations and things to search for that it can be daunting. One important sign to be aware of when you want to buy a home in Seattle is the presence of mold, whether visible or not. Learn to recognize mold indicators and make sure that the seller discloses any issues with mold prior to signing a contract.

Mold is a type of fungus that may be green, black, gray or white and comes in a variety of shapes. Some mold is obvious and may even smell but others hide beneath the floor and above the ceiling, in the basement, attic or in the walls. It thrives in materials like carpet, paneling, ceiling tiles, wallboard and paint and any other location that is sufficiently damp.

Common locations for mold include:

  • Poorly ventilated homes that are not often aired out
  • Houseplants that have accumulated excess water
  • Newly constructed buildings that have a tight seal and trap moisture inside
  • Leaking pipes, roofs or windows
  • Flooded areas like a basement that has not been properly dried

Aside from being unsightly and often smelly, mold causes numerous health problems that may include a rash, unusual bleeding, severe fatigue, respiratory issues and seizures. Most molds, however, are non-toxic.

When viewing homes for sale, look for signs of mold or areas that could become moldy. Clues like water marks on walls; musty odors in the kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, plumbing cabinets or basements; or standing water, particularly in the cellar.

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