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Benefits of Buying a New House

February 6, 2018  

new houses for sale in Snohomish.

Property buyers typically have little shortage of houses to buy on today’s market, with few exceptions. Brand-new homes, foreclosures, short-sale properties, rental units and more are available in an assortment of neighborhoods throughout western Washington. However, there are several advantages to buying one of the many new houses for sale in Snohomish rather than a pre-owned residence:

  • Flexibility in personalization is a big incentive for numerous home buyers. Builders frequently permit a customer to make changes to floor plans, select flooring, paint colors and appliances.
  • Newer model homes are usually more energy efficient because of strict building codes in place. Structures have a fitted seal, keeping conditioned air from leaking out and keeping exterior air from coming in.
  • Environmentally-friendly appliances are characteristically standard for new houses. Energy efficient stoves, ovens, furnaces, washing machines and dryers, A/C units, water heaters and refrigerators all save money in operating costs.
  • A newly-constructed house needs little in the way of repairs, as opposed to a pre-owned home.
  • Maintenance costs less because of innovative engineering provisions in all home areas.
  • A year or more warranty is often contained within in a new home purchase to guarantee against substandard materials or products.
  • Fire safety features are a part of new properties that may not have been accessible in years past and provide security for the family.
  • Financing incentives may be supplied via the builder that can make a difference in the ultimate price you pay for the house, making it even more desirable to buy.

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