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Avoid Scams on Properties for Sale in Snohomish

November 30, 2017  

properties for sale in Snohomish

When it is time to look for properties for sale in Snohomish, it is important to engage a reputable real estate agent with experience in the field. Your realtor will offer valuable guidance and her expertise through the entire home-buying process. If you should tackle a home search on your own, you are more susceptible to scams that may not be easily apparent but do not slip by a pro in the field.

Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous people in the real estate industry. Knowing what to look for can help you avoid potential problems.

  • Sometimes documentation about ownership of property is forged. Requiring payment in cash is typically involved in these types of transactions.
  • Many individuals participate in flipping houses. A buyer purchases a home that needs work for a low price, completes major renovations and sells the property at a higher price. This is a permissible activity but there are legalities surrounding this type of sale that must be followed to prevent a monopoly on the real estate market in the area.
  • When a buyer cannot really afford a mortgage, but a lender helps him negotiate a loan anyway, this becomes a disastrous situation. A dependable realtor will help you avoid this scenario.
  • Short sale fraud is initiated by both primary and junior lenders. Disclosure can help you steer away from this problem.

To find a home that meets your criteria among the numerous properties for sale in Snohomish without experiencing the above or other dishonest situations, you need a real estate agent whom you can trust. Call Lacey at New House Match at (425)268-0347.