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7 Great Reasons You Should Buy a Home in Lake Stevens

July 5, 2017  

buy a home in Lake Stevens

Buying a home for the first (or 10th) time is exciting but can be overwhelming and fraught with uncertainty. The best way to navigate the sometimes challenging process to buy a home in Lake Stevens, you need an experienced real estate agent who can help you in all aspects of the procedure.

Here are 7 great reasons to buy a home right now:

  1. A houseĀ is a solid investment that you can take pride in and provide your family with both security and stability.
  2. While the real estate market does fluctuate from time to time, property tends to appreciate over the long haul. Should you decide to sell at some point, you will likely come out ahead financially.
  3. Mortgage interest can be deducted on your income tax return.
  4. Property tax from your first home (or a vacation home) can also be deducted on your income tax return.
  5. After living in your home for at least 2 of the prior 5 years you can exclude a substantial amount of profit from capital gains.
  6. Paying more toward the principal each month will build equity in your home more quickly and save money over the term of the loan.
  7. After reaching a specific amount of equity in the home, you can pay off other debts with a home equity loan, which is another deduction on an income tax return.

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