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What You Need to Know about Buying Acreage for Sale in Bothell

February 28, 2017  

acreage for sale in BothellBuying land has always been an excellent investment. Whether you plan to build a home, use it for agricultural purposes or have another idea in mind, there are some things you should know before looking at purchasing acreage for sale in Bothell.

  1. Does the property have permanent access to the roadway? Documentation that is transferrable is of extreme importance. Determine who is responsible for maintenance of the street.
  2. Sewer, water and drainage issues should be examined. Know your water rights for any body of water passing through or adjacent to the property. Ensure that you can connect to city water or install a septic tank.
  3. What easements are applicable to the land you are viewing? Right-of-way should be determined prior to purchase.
  4. Utility access must be a consideration. Is it currently available? If the property is located at a distance from power lines, the company could deny your request for electricity due to excess expense.
  5. Purchase the mineral rights for your peace of mind down the road in case something is discovered in the future.
  6. Be aware of any timber contracts on the land.
  7. Complete a title search and take out title insurance.
  8. Talk with neighbors and get their opinions about the area to learn about advantages and potential problems they face.

Consult an experienced realtor at New House Match by calling (425)268-0347 about premium acreage for sale in Bothell and surrounding locales. We will be happy to show you a variety of properties that will meet all of your needs, from price to location to size.