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3 Advantages of Waterfront Homes for Sale in Lake Stevens

January 1, 2019  

Can you imagine the joy and peacefulness of waking each morning to the welcome sounds of waves crashing on the shore or the gentle lapping of water along the rim of a lake or river? You have the ability to experience this for yourself if you buy one of the numerous waterfront homes for sale in Lake Stevens.

There are many more benefits to living on the water than the pleasant sounds you hear. Consider these three advantages, as well, when choosing a home on the water:

  1. Outstanding scenery in all types of weather and beauty in every season. You can enjoy all nature has to offer by way of beaches, wildlife, lakes and spectacular sunsets, and sunrises over the water. In some cases, you may have more privacy on the waterfront, too.
  2. Fresher and cleaner air than when living in the city. There is a distinct reduction in smog and other environmental pollutants when you live on the waterfront.
  3. Should you ever decide to sell your waterfront property, know that it can significantly appreciate in value? Many buyers are interested in living near water, so this can drive up the price to your benefit if you choose to sell.

The professional real estate agents at New House Match can pair you with just the right property if you are looking for waterfront homes for sale in Lake Stevens. Whether you want to simply relocate or start a new chapter in your life as an empty nester, transitioning to waterfront property may offer exactly what you need. Call Lacey at New House Match at (425) 268-0347 with a list of your specs and begin browsing these beautiful homes today.