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16 Things You Should Know about Lake Stevens Acreage For Sale

November 15, 2016  

Lake Stevens Acreage For SaleLooking for the perfect home, condo or apartment is an exciting decision and experience, however, it can be frustrating to try and find the home and property you want, in a desired location, and for the price that is within your budget. In these situations, some potential buyers might benefit from purchasing acreage land. This way, buyers are free to do what they want with a particular property and even build the home or building they want and that suits their needs. However, there are some things to know before purchasing any acreage for sale. Read on to learn more about what you should know before purchasing Lake Stevens acreage for sale.

Consider the following questions before purchasing acreage:

  1. Is the property accessed through the road? Is there a land easement in place?
  2. Are there any sources of bodies of water on or near the property?
  3. Are there any active utilities on the property, such as electricity?
  4. What type of timber is available on the land?
  5. Has the property been surveyed?
  6. Are there property lines and boundaries clearly marked?
  7. Who are the nearest neighbors? How close to the property are they?
  8. Does the property have a clear title and insurance?
  9. Are there any easements on the property for adjoining owners, conservation or utilities?
  10. Are there any environmental concerns with the property, such as building restrictions?
  11. How is the property zoned?
  12. Are there any restrictions on the property?
  13. Are there any slopes, elevation changes, conservation land, etc.?
  14. Does the land drain well?
  15. What is the potential that the land will sell in the future?
  16. Is this property – or will this property – appeal to potential new buyers?

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