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10 Points to Consider When Looking for New Homes for Sale in Lake Stevens

April 19, 2017  

homes for sale in Lake StevensWhen you begin your house-hunting search, there are 10 specific considerations that you must evaluate to be sure that you find the perfect match for you among thousands of homes for sale in Lake Stevens.

  1. Location has long been the number 1 factor when buying a home. You can often live with some imperfections in a house if it is in the right neighborhood.
  2. How is the home situated? Is it on a hill, on a corner or at the end of a cul-de-sac? Are the neighbors too close? Is the yard appropriate for your needs – children or pets?
  3. The neighborhood should meet your expectations. The yards should be well-maintained, safe and have people with whom you feel you could get along. Introduce yourself to one or two before signing a contract and ask them about neighbors.
  4. Examine the curb appeal.
  5. Realistically evaluate the size of the house and its floor plan to see if they coincide with your specific requirements.
  6. Determine the number of bathrooms and bedrooms that you need. Extra is better and not enough could be a deal-breaker.
  7. While remodeling is always an option, the kitchen is an important part of any home and it should be workable for you.
  8. Most people like to have enough storage space and closets to put stuff. Peek in every area to see if there is enough room for your belongings.
  9. Windows and lighting can provide added appeal to a house. Are there enough windows and electrical outlets?
  10. Finishing touches like special molding and a fireplace can be an added benefit.

Whether you are looking for Victorians, ranch or NW style homes, there are a multitude of options available for homes for sale in Lake Stevens. Call New House Match at (425)268-0347 to discuss your requirements with a professional realtor.